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Updating projects from CMSIS 1.30 to CMSIS 2.0

Version 4 of the Code Red IDE introduced support for CMSIS 2.0, providing new CMSIS library projects of the form CMSISv2p00_<MCU>, as well as providing support for selecting these within the project wizard.

If you have existing projects which use the CMSIS 1.30 library projects, then you can continue to build these under version 4 of the Code Red IDE. However you may want to update your projects to use CMSIS 2.0 instead.

Currently there is no automatic way to do this within the IDE itself, though you can manually fix up the compiler and library settings for your project.

Alternatively, the following procedure allows you to update your projects in a semi-automatic way from within a Windows DOS command shell.

Warning : Before following this procedure, we strongly recommend that you backup your projects, either by checking them into your source control system, or by using the Quickstart-> Import and Export -> Export projects to archive option.

  1. Create a file called cmsisupdate.cmd in a suitable directory, say c:\scripts, edit this file and copy the below text into it.

    @echo off
    rem Command file to change a RedSuite/LPCXpresso project to link with the CMSISv2p00
    rem library instead of the CMSISv1p30 one.
    echo  * Changing project links from CMSISv1p30 to CMSISv2p00
    if not exist .cproject goto :error
    if not exist .project goto :error
    goto :modify
    echo  * Error - project files not found
    cp .cproject temp.cproject
    sed s/CMSISv1p30/CMSISv2p00/ temp.cproject >.cproject
    rm temp.cproject
    cp .project temp.project
    sed s/CMSISv1p30/CMSISv2p00/ temp.project >.project
    rm temp.project
    echo  * Project files updated
  2. Open a Windows DOS command shell by going to the Windows Start menu and entering cmd in the search programs and files box (exact wording may depend upon the version of Windows being used).

  3. Within the Windows DOS command shell, execute the script RedSuite4Path.cmd or LPCXpresso4Path.cmd (depending upon which Code Red IDE you are using) from within your Code Red tools installation.

  4. Ensure that the workspace containing the project you wish to update is NOT open in the Code Red IDE.

  5. Within the Windows DOS command shell, navigate to the project directory that you wish to update to using CMSIS 2.0 and execute c:\scripts\cmsisupdate.cmd (exact command will depend upon the filename and path that you used in step 1 above.)

  6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 for any other projects that you wish to update to CMSIS 2.0.

After running the cmsisupdate.cmd script, you should then be able to open your workspace containing the projects that you have just updated, and when you build them again, they will be linked against the appropriate CMSIS 2.0 library. You will need to make sure that you import the appropriate CMSIS 2.0 library project into your workspace though!

Note : Manually modifying the project configuration files in the way that the above script file does is not generally recommended, and should certainly not be done whilst the workspace containing the project is open within the IDE.