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Can I use Red Suite on more than one computer?

Each seat of Red Suite is locked to an individual computer, and no "dongle" license version is available. Thus if you want to use Red Suite on more than one computer (for example a desktop and a laptop), then you need to purchase the appropriate number of seats.

Note that when buying the full version of Red Suite from our webstore, a discount is applied automatically if you buy two (or more) copies at the same time.

Also if you are only going to be targeting MCU's from NXP, then you could consider purchasing a copy of one of our NXP editions of Red Suite. For more details of the different editions of Red Suite, please see our Product overview FAQ.

Finally, if you need to use your seat of Red Suite on a different computer temporarily as a one-off, then you can use the mechanism to move your license (this can be done twice in a 30 day period).


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