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Upgrading to a newer major release in the Red Suite family

This page is about upgrading to a new major version (for example, moving from Red Suite 3 or 4 to Red Suite 5). To learn about keeping your IDE up to date with the latest minor releases (for example, going from Red Suite 5.x to Red Suite 5.y), see Updating to a new minor release of a Red Suite family product.

Why upgrade?

Each Major Version upgrade is a significant improvement on the previous release.

Evaluation before upgrading

You may wish to try out the latest version of Red Suite before committing yourself to upgrading. To do this, install the new version in a separate directory (the installer can be found here) and use the Help -> Product Activation -> Request Evaluation License... menu. Note that this evaluation option is only available for the full Red Suite product, not the NXP edition.

Upgrading Red Suite and Red Suite NXP

To move to a new major release of Red Suite or Red Suite NXP Edition, you need a replacement product activation code which will enable the new version (but not the old version).

If you are still entitled to Code Red support for an earlier version, that gives you the right to upgrade. You can request your new activation code by completing the:

This applies to you if you activated your Red Suite license within the last year or your Red Suite NXP Edition license within the last 90 days, or if you have already purchased an extension to your support entitlement. If you are not sure whether you are still covered by Code Red support, please just complete the form. We will check for you, and you can purchase another year of support if you need to. For more details on our support services, including a link for purchasing an extension, please see our main product support webpage.

Note: Upgrading is a one-way process. Once an upgrade activation code has been issued, the original activation code cannot be restored.

The installers for the latest versions of Red Suite and Red Suite NXP Edition can be found here. After installing the new version, you must use the new code to activate it.

Can newer and older product versions coexist?

It is possible to have two major versions of Red Suite / Red Suite NXP Edition installed and activated at the same time. However, if you receive a replacement activation code to upgrade to a new major release, you will only be able to run the old version alongside it for a short conversion period of about a week. After that, the earlier version will no longer work.

If you want to run two different major versions of Red Suite / Red Suite NXP Edition long term, then you should purchase a new license for the new version rather than requesting a replacement activation code.

Corporate Licenses

Corporate License users please note: upgrading a corporate license means that you must upgrade all of your installations to the new product version. If you still want the old version available for some seats, then you will have to purchase a separate license.

Upgrading LPCXpresso

LPCXpresso requires no activation code. Simply install the new version as if it were a minor update, following the instructions in Updating to a new minor release of a Red Suite family product.

Migrating projects

The FAQ Migrating existing projects to a new version of the Code Red IDE contains a number of hints on migrating existing projects from Red Suite 3 to 4 / Red Suite 4 to 5. We strongly recommend reading this before starting to use a new version of the tools.

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