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Does Red Suite support the use of TI's ICDI debug probe?

Red Suite supports the following TI/Luminary ICDI (in-circuit debug interface) variants:

  1. Built in to evaluation boards containing older LM3S parts (such as LM3S6965) which are fitted with a 20 pin external debug connector.
  2. Provided as a ICDI separate board ("BD-ICDI") with newer LM3S parts (such as LM3S9B92).

However Red Suite does not support the new "Stellaris ICDI", as fitted to the LM4F232 evaluation board. If you are using such an evaluation board with Red Suite, then you will need to connect to it via the external debug connector fitted to the board using either one of the older LM3S ICDI (above) or else using Code Red's Red Probe/Red Probe+ debug interface.

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