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Important Information for users of NXP LPCXpresso

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NXP LPCXpresso users should visit the LPCXpresso FAQ's for up-to-date information relevant to that product.

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Do Code Red supply any software stacks (USB, TCP/IP) ?

We do not sell or support Ethernet( TCP/IP), USB or any software stacks, although we do supply some open source examples targeted at our RDB1768 development board (which has an NXP LPC1768 MCU fitted)

For more details, please see RDB1768 CMSIS-based Example Projects

These days though, MCU vendors are tending to provide such stacks directly, and we generally find that customers use the MCU vendor supplied solution or else purchase one from a 3rd middleware vendor.

* For NXP parts, see:

* For TI Stellaris parts, see:

* For STM32 parts, see:

Generally NXP and TI supplied code will often provide Code Red IDE compatible projects. For ST supplied code, you may need to create the projects yourself (though generally this is pretty straightforward). For hints on porting code see the FAQ "Porting Code from other toolchains".