STM32 Support

The below information provides additional details of the specifics of the STM32 support, beyond the general information on using Red Suite that is provided in the Getting Started guide (which can be found in your tools installation, or else downloaded from the Red Suite Documentation FAQ).

Project creation

The support for STM32F1 parts is broken down into the sub-families specified by STM...


STM32F1 Low density devices


STM32F1 Low density Value Line devices


STM32F1 Medium density devices


STM32F1 Medium density Value Line devices


STM32F1 High density devices


STM32F1 High density value line devices


STM32F1 XL-density devices


STM32F1 Connectivity line devices

When selecting a particular STM32F1 part as the target MCU for your project, in order to locate the part in the Red Suite MCU selection pane, you will need to confirm in the appropriate STM documentation as to which sub-family it belongs to.

For STM32L1 parts, the devices are broken down into STM32L1_HD and STM32L1_MD sub-families.

For STM32F0, STM32F2 and STM32F4 parts, there is no similar break down.

For STM32F4, STM32F2, STM32F0 and each STM32L1 and STM32F1 sub-family, Red Suite provides...

In addition, for certain evaluation boards - currently the STM3210C-Eval (mounting an STM32F107VC MCU), the STM3210E-Eval (mounting an STM32103ZE MCU), the STM3220G-Eval (mounting an STM32F207IG MCU), the STM32L152-Eval (mounting an STM32L152VB MCU), the STM32L152D-Eval (mounting an STM32L152ZD MCU) and the STM324xG-Eval (mounting an STM32F407IG MCU) - Red Suite also provides...

Each of these can be selected when running through the Red Suite project wizard. Note that you will need to import the appropriate library projects from the Examples subdirectory of your Red Suite installation, before selecting it in the project wizard.


Debugging of STM32 parts is only supported via Code Red's Red Probe+ debug probe (or the original Red Probe).

We do not currently support the use of the ST-Link V2 as a debug connection (either standalone probes or built in to STM32 "Discovery" and STM32 "EVAL" boards).

For ST's EVAL range of boards these are generally fitted with a standard debug connector, as well as an ST-Link/V2, so you can directly plug Red Probe+ into them.

For ST's Discovery range of boards, we have heard of customers who have successfully connected an external probe to these boards. We haven't tried this out ourselves so cannot make any guarantees, but the following external web page may provide you with sufficient information to achieve this...

If you wish to try connecting a Red Probe+ to a Discovery board, then you may wish to check the details of the Red Probe+ pin out, which can be found in the FAQ SWD / JTAG Connectors and Pinout.

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