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RDB1768 Example Projects

* Updated 4 Aug 09 *

The example projects for the RDB1768 are designed to quickly get you up and running with the various functions provided by the board and its LPC1768 MCU. For more details of each project, see the readme file contained within the ZIP.

USB Device Stack

This is a port to the RDB1768 of the open source LPCUSB USB stack.
RDB1768_usbstack.zip (Updated 3 Aug 09)

USB HID Example

Provides a simple USB Human Interface Device (HID). Requires the USB Device Stack project to be installed in the same workspace.
RDB1768_usb_hid.zip (Updated 3 Aug 09)

USB HID Mouse Example

Provides an extended HID example, which allows the joystick on the board to act as a mouse for the host PC. Requires the USB Device Stack project to be installed in the same workspace.
RDB1768_usb_hidmouse.zip (Updated 3 Aug 09)

USB MSC (Mass Storage Controller) Example

Turns the RDB1768 into a mass storage device, allowing a micro-SD card to be plugged in and accessed from the host PC. The micro-SD card is accessed by the MCU via the Serial Parallel Interface (SPI). Requires the USB Device Stack project to be installed in the same workspace.
RDB1768_usb_msc.zip (Updated 4 Aug 09)

USB Serial (CDC) Example

Provides UART functionality over USB, allowing a terminal program to be run on the host PC which can then interact with the board. Requires the USB Device Stack project to be installed in the same workspace.
RDB1768_usb_serial.zip (Updated 3 Aug 09)

ADC Potentiometer Example

Show how the potentiometer on the RDB1768 can be read using the analogue to digital convertor built in the the LPC1768 MCU.
RDB1768_adcpot.zip (Updated 3 Aug 09)

TCP/IP Webserver Example

Port of Andreas Dannenberg's "easyweb" application to the RDB1768, providing a simple embedded TCP stack and webserver.
RDB1768_EasyWeb.zip (Updated 3 Aug 09)

LCD Library

This project provides a library of routines for accessing the LCD screen on the RDB1768. In addition to initialization code, a number of primitives for printing text, drawing shapes and plotting bitmaps are provided.
RDB1768_LCDlib.zip (Added 4 Aug 09)

LCD Demonstration

This project provides an example of how the routines in the LCD Library project can be invoked. Requires the LCD Library project to be installed in the same workspace.
RDB1768_LCDdemo.zip (Added 4 Aug 09)

LED flash Example

This demonstration project show how the user leds, LED_2 to LED_5, of the RDB1768 be accessed.
RDB1768_LedFlash.zip (Updated 3 Aug 09)

Audio Loop Through Example

This demonstration project provides a simple example that uses the audio facilities provided by the RDB1768, allowing audio input received via the line-in socket to be output though the built-in speaker or the 3.5mm headphones socket.
RDB1768_AudioLoopThrough.zip (Updated 3 Aug 09)

UART Example

(Added 3 Aug 09) This demonstration project allows you to send data to/from the board to your PC to the RDB1768 board over the serial port.
RDB1768_UART.zip (Added 3 Aug 09)

SysTick Example

This demonstration project shows how the Systick timer built in to the NVIC of the Cortex-M3 processor core contained within the LPC1768 microcontroller can be set up.
RDB1768_SysTick.zip (Added 3 Aug 09)

Updates to page

4 Aug 09

Replaced original LCD graphics example with new LCD library and LCD demonstration projects. USB MSC project updated to fix issue with Debug config building with release version of USB stack.

3 Aug 09

Most projects updated to include support for building and debugging of projects in Release configuration. UART and Systick examples also added to page.