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Why can't I see the Registers in a Peripheral?

This is likely caused by the peripheral being powered-off (disabled) in the SYSCTRL register. This is the default state of most peripherals after a reset of the chip.

It is the responsibility of the application to power-on peripherals that it is using (except for those that are permanently powered, such a NVIC and SYSCTRL).

During debug, a peripherals powered state is displayed in various ways:

During debbug, SYSCTRL can be used to power-on individual peripherals by setting RUNMODE_POWERON in the appropriate peripheral control field:

Example showing enabling the GPIOA peripheral

  1. Open the Peripheral View


  1. Show the SYSCTRL peripheral


  1. Set the GPIOA field to RUNMODE_POWERON


  1. GPIOA is now enabled in the Peripheral view


  1. The GPIOA peripheral and its registers


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