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Important Information for users of NXP LPCXpresso

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NXP LPCXpresso users should visit the LPCXpresso FAQ's for up-to-date information relevant to that product.

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 * [[MigratingToVersion4|Migrating existing projects to Code Red IDE Version 4]]  * [[MigratingToNewVersion|Migrating existing projects to a new version of the Code Red IDE]]

New Functionality in Code Red IDE Version 4

The Red Suite 4 family of products is a significant upgrade over previous releases.

The new functionality contained in RedSuite / LPCXpresso 4 includes:

  • The IDE is now based on the Eclipse “Helios” release and CDT 7.0.
    • The moving to Eclipse “Helios”/CDT 7.0, provides a number of interesting enhancements to the Code Red IDE version 4, including:
      • Compiler errors and warnings now highlighted in build console, and clickable to allow quick navigation back to source code. Build log can also now be saved to a file.
      • "Surround with" menu entry allows a selected source statement(s) to be placed into an appropriate block statement (for instance a for loop).

      • New "Templates View" allows easy viewing and inserting of code templates.
    • The following link provides more details of some of the improvements at the general IDE level:
  • The compilation tools are now based on GCC 4.5.1.
  • Enhanced Redlib C library providing significant code and data size savings.
  • Support for CMSIS v2.0 (Cortex Microcontroller Software Interface Standard).
  • Enhanced support for creating and linking with static library projects.
  • Initial support for NXP's LPC18xx and LPC43xx parts
  • Support for multiple devices on a JTAG scan chain
  • Red State graphical tool for designing and generating state machines, supporting the NXP State Configurable Time (SCT) peripheral (introduced in v4.1.0).

In addition, Red Suite 4 includes:

  • Enhanced GUI for accessing the RedTrace/SWV functionality on Cortex-M3/M4 parts.
  • Red Suite 4 (full edition) now available on Linux and (coming soon) Mac OS-X hosts.
  • Red State graphical tool for designing and generating state machines, supporting Software state machines in addition to the NXP State Configurable Time (SCT) peripheral supported by LPCXpresso IDE (introduced in v4.1.0).

  • Support for STM32F1 and STM32F2 MCU families from STMicroelectronics (introduced in v4.1.0), plus the STM32F4 (introduced in v4.1.5) and STM32L1 (introduced in v4.2.0).

  • Support for LM4F MCU family from TI/Luminary (introduced in v4.1.5).

  • Support for Kinetis K series MCUs from Freescale (introduced in v4.3.0).

Hints on moving to version 4


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