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Memory Configuration Editor and External Flash Driver mechanism

Red Suite and LPCXpresso v4.2 introduced a new mechanism for editing the target memory layout used for a project. This allows for the details of external memory (Flash or RAM) to be defined or for the layout of internal RAM to be reconfigured. In addition, it allows a flash driver to be allocated for use with parts with no internal flash, but where an external flash part is connected.

Combining the Memory Configuration Editor with Enhanced Managed Linker Scripts, allows for a flexible memory layout without the need to write and maintain your own linker scripts.

For details of how to use this feature, please see the chapter on the "Red Suite Memory Editor and External Flash Driver mechanism" in...

Memory configurations can be exported and imported to allow for them to be used in other projects without needing to redfine the memory configuration.

Notes for NXP LPC18xx/LPC43xx users

With the LPC18xx and LPC43xx project wizards, you can now select an existing memory configuration/external flash file. A number of such files of provided in:

For example, to use a SPIFI flash with an LPC1850 (as supplied on the Hitex LPC1850 eval board), select the file LPC1850A_SPIFIflash.xml.