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What is Activation?

Activation is a set of simple and quick steps taken upon installation in order to begin using your application. If you've used Microsoft Windows XP, Microsoft Office or many of the Adobe products you have already used a similar activation system. When your application is installed it contacts a central server across the internet to 'activate' your software and tie it to the provided activation code (which is printed on the box and CD case labels, or provided by email).

This anti-piracy system helps protect your investment in our software and enables us to continue its development at a competitive price. The license protection and monitoring system is managed by software_DNA from softWORKZ Innovation Inc. This system does not collect any details about you or your computer during license activation and re-activation. You may optionally enter your email address for password retrieval if ever you lose your password. Unlike other activation systems, the software_DNA system does not tie your license permanently to your computer hardware. Instead, your license is tied to your activation code and password that you define. As a result, you will have no problem re-activating your software after reformatting your hard drive, after upgrading hardware components in your computer, or when you move your software to a new computer. However, activation and re-activation does require an Internet connection. This Internet connection can be on a different computer from where your application is installed.

Where is my activation email?

Your activation code will have been sent to the email address you provided. The email will be sent from activation@softworkz.com (note that this is NOT a Code Red Technolgies email address). Depending on network activity, you should allow an hour, or more, for the email to arrive in your inbox.

Also, it is possible that firewall or spam filtering software used in your environment could have blocked the email. Please check with your email software or consult with your site administrator if you think this may have occurred.

I have entered my code correctly and have an Internet connection, why is the application saying I have to do an off-line activation?

Your application cannot reach the activation server. You may be using a proxy server or have a firewall (Windows XP/Vista firewall, ZoneAlarm, BitDefender, etc.). Make sure you have given permission for your application to access the Internet in your firewall (see question below) or if you are using a proxy server ensure that the proxy server settings are correct in the activation dialog. To verify if you have an Internet Connection, access the Internet using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (please use IE for this test). If IE can connect, then look for a proxy or firewall.

I have entered my code and password correctly with a new password to do a re-activation, why is the application not being re-activated

Verify that you have an Internet Connection (by browsing using Microsoft’s IE). Your new password must be a new and never-used password. Verify that you have not previously used this password with this activation code.

How often will my application connect to the activation server via the Internet?

Your application uses the Internet when it is first installed, when it is re-activated (such as after a disk reformat and reinstall, or if the software is moved to a new computer). The application may also do a quick check with the server when you run the application. software_DNA includes an anti-fraud system that disables activation codes in cases of credit-card chargeback or refund. Unless you are using offline activation (see below), your application will need to connect to the Internet at least once a month to verify the license status. When an activation code is revoked, the software remains in trial mode until a new, valid activation code is provided.

Will my application work if I don't have an Internet connection?

Yes, there is an offline activation method available. If no Internet connection is found during activation, or the activation server is not reachable, the software will ask you to do offline activation. The software will provide step-by-step instructions, where a file is written to disk that you move to a computer that does have Internet access (or email access). You can move this file via LAN, floppy disk, CD-R or USB key. You can use your Internet browser (on a machine that does have Internet access) to visit a special page to upload this file and receive another file in return. If you do not have any working browsers then the file can be emailed to our tech support (note there may be a delay in the return of the file depending on the time of day and week).

Does the internet connection speed affect activation? Will dial-up access work?

The amount of data transferred during activation is very small. Any stable internet connection will work. Slower connections such as dial-up access may take slightly longer to complete the activation steps.

During activation what information is passed to the server?

No personal information or information about your computer configuration are transferred. There is a one-way hash* of some machine configuration data, your chosen password, and the optional email address sent to the server. Your application may have an optional registration page and if you choose to fill that out, that information is also transferred during the first activation. If you do not provide the optional information (email address and registration information) then no personal information will be transferred. We suggest you do not use one of your important personal passwords for the activation password, or a password that personally identifies you.

*One-way Hash: Codes that identify parts of the computer are put through a special function (called a 'one way hash') that turns the codes into one code number that is unique to your computer but cannot be deciphered (or reverse engineered) to determine what those components are. Only this hash value is sent to the activation server and not the details on the computer parts.

Can I move the application to another computer?

Yes, this can be done easily. It is simply a matter of uninstalling the application on one computer, reinstalling the application on the new machine, and reactivating the software. If you have remembered your password this will be a fast and easy process.

Do I have to reactivate if I uninstall and reinstall on the same computer?

No. If you have uninstalled and reinstalled the product (for example to install a newer version) on the same computer, the activation information will be retained.

What is the password for?

The password uniquely identifies your license. You will need the password if you ever need to reactivate your software (such as after a disk reformat and reinstall or moving the software to a new machine). We suggest you do not use one of your important personal passwords for the activation password or a password that personally identifies you. The password has to be changed and be new (never-used) each time you re-activate the software.

We suggest that you write the password down on your activation code label (box or CD case) or in some other permanent location.

What is the email address for and is it mandatory?

The email address on the activation and reactivation dialogs is mandatory. You will not be able to activate if you do not provide an email address. By providing an email address, an activation code can be emailed to you and it can also be used to retrieve a lost password. Your email address it will not be sold or provided to any third party. We recommend the email address be one that will be active for some time.

What if I have forgotten my password and did not provide an email address (or my email address is no longer valid)?

During a reactivation the previously provided password is required. If the password has been lost and cannot be recovered (because an email address was not provided, or the email address is no longer valid) you will need to contact our support via email. If your support is current, we will be happy to reset your password.

Will changes to my computer cause my application to stop working?

There are no changes that will cause a permanent disabling of the software. Major changes (disk reformat being one such major change) will mean that you need to reactivate the software. If you have your password this will be a fast and easy process.

What happens if you or softWORKZ suspends service or goes out of business?

Both companies have been in business for several years, and are healthy and stable and will be around for many years to come!

Regardless, your activated application will continue working without the Activation server, although new activations or re-activations will not be possible. Both companies are committed to ensure that a patch will be made available ASAP to resolve this. Either a version with a replaced activation system or a version with no activation will be provided.

I wish to do an online activation but my firewall is set up to block such requests. What are the firewall settings?

The following is the information that you need to setup your firewall:

Firewall settings summary

Main server IP address


Backup server IP


Backup server IP



80 (Standard HTTP)



Why is an activation system required at this time?

Software companies around the world have come to realize that activation-type copy-protection systems provide a reasonable solution to the problem of piracy while at the same time respecting customers by not burdening them with a hard-to-use licensing system. Reducing piracy means that the software vendor can use steady revenues to further improve the product and guarantee business continuation. It is unfortunate that piracy exists because we know the majority of our customers follow the license terms but it is a fact of life in this digital age. We trust that this new system will be virtually transparent for the majority of customers.

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