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Important Information for users of NXP LPCXpresso

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License Types and Restrictions

This FAQ details the various license types and restrictions for the our Red Suite family of products.

Important Note

As specified in the EULA (End User License Agreement), an Unregistered or Evaluation license may only be used for evaluation purposes. That is, a Full license must be purchased to develop applications.

Unregistered License

Unregistered is the 'out of the box' license. The restrictions are:

Evaluation Licenses

An Evaluation license is obtained by registering your product. To obtain an evaluation license, from within Red Suite, select the menu item Help->Product activation->Request evaluation license. You will required to provide your email address so an activation key may be emailed to you.

Red Suite (Full Edition)

The restrictions are:

Red Suite (NXP Edition)

There are no Evaluation licences for Red Suite (NXP Edition).

Full Licenses

Red Suite (Full product)

Red Suite (NXP Edition)

Corporate licenses

We support a Corporate license for Red Suite Full Edition, where a single activation code can be used to activate multiple copies of the product, depending on how many seats have been purchased. This form of license is primarily aimed at large corporations where central control of software product licenses is mandatory.However, this type of license can also be used where you wish to use Red Suite on both a Desktop and a Laptop, using the same activation code.

When activating a Corporate license, you will be provided with access to the License Control Panel (LCP). The LCP gives you an ability to manage the “seats” of your Corporate Activation Codes. Via the LCP, the “administrator” for a code will be able to:

The “administrator” will have an LCP account (with userid and password). The user who activates the 1st seat on a Corporate Activation Code will receive an email with all the instructions required to open an LCP account, access the LCP account and add this Activation Code to the LCP account.

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