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LPCXpresso License diagnostics

Note: These diagnostics apply to LPCXpresso only

On rare occasions the LPCXpresso IDE recognises a license as being activated, but the debug driver does not. This typically causes the following error when launching a debug session...

License restriction: Flash image too large for this license.

Note that you will also see this error if your license is activated and your image is larger than 128KB !

This article explain possible causes and additional information that may help resolve the issue.


In most cases this is caused by the antivirus or firewall software blocking access to certain utilities used by the debug drivers. Specifically, the debug drivers (all executables matching crt_emu*.exe in the installation 'bin' directory) must be able to execute the cscript utility. If the debug drivers cannot use this utility, then they revert to being unlicensed and restrict application downloads to just 8k. To resolve this issue, you must ensure that cscript.exe is accessible to the debug driver and that the antivirus or firewall allows it to be run.

Another possible cause is that the user running LPCXPresso does not have permission to run cscript.exe. If this is the case, discuss the issue with your sysadmin/IT department.

Simple cscript test

The following simple test will normally show whether there is a script engine problem:

  1. Start a CMD shell from the Start Menu.
  2. Create a file called "hello.vbs" by typing "notepad hello.vbs".
  3. Inside Notepad, place the text :
    • msgbox("Hello world")

  4. Save the file.
  5. Run the file using the command...
    • cscript hello.vbs

This should pop up a small window with "Hello World" in it. If it does not, then the error displayed should allow you to google for a solution.

In the past we have seen cases where anti-virus software has replaced the default script engine with its own. And then when the user uninstalls the anti-virus software, no script engine is then available.

Another issue is that scripting may have been disabled causing an error of the form "Windows Script Host Access is Disabled on this Machine". This can be solved by checking that the registry keys:

are set to 1 rather than 0 (if they exist).

At a general level, googling for "No Script Engine For File Extension VBS" will show lots of hints regarding cscript problems - for example:



The COMSPEC environment variable points to the full path of the command line interpreter, cmd.exe. Typically it should be set to something like 'C:\Windows\system32\cmd.exe' (depending on your OS). If this is incorrectly set, then this will prevent debug driver license check running successfully.

All platforms

If this does not resolve the issue, the debug driver can be run in a diagnostic mode that will dump information that can then be sent to Code Red for analysis (usually by posting the diagnostic results to the LPCXpresso Forum).

To run the debug driver in diagnostic mode:

In addition, you should also supply the ".log" file from within the subdirectory ".metadata" within your workspace directory.

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