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LPC-Link may not be found when IDE run under Virtual Machine

If using the Code Red IDE with LPC-Link under a Virtual Machine (such as Virtual PC, VirtualBox, VMWare etc), the LPC-Link may not be found. This article describes the background and explains a workaround.


The LPC-Link contains an LPC3154 that manages the USB connection to the host PC and controls the debug of the target board (via JTAG/SWD).

The LPC3154 is a RAM-only device, so must be loaded with firmware every time the power is applied. When the LPC3154 is powered up, it enters a special USB mode, known as DFU (Device Firmware Update), which allows the host PC to load the firmware required to turn it into an LPC-Link.

After the firmware has been loaded and runs, it reconfigures the USB as different device, but without physically disconnecting from the USB.

Many Virtual Machines fail to recognise the reconfiguration and so the IDE cannot find the newly booted LPC-Link.


After this occurs, you can force the VM to disconnect from the DFU USB device (although it may now be 'unknown') and then to reconnect to the newly booted device.

The exact steps to do this are dependent on the VM being used, but most of them provide the facilities to do this.

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