Can I use LMFlash with Red Probe+?

TI/Luminary's LM Flash utility provides support for Code Red's original (and superseded) Red Probe.

Unfortunately TI does not currently support Red Probe+ in the LM Flash utility. Unfortunately, we have no influence over TI's decision not to support Red Probe+ in LM Flash, but we do continue to push them to add support.

If you need to use the LM Flash utility, we suggest that you use one of the LM Evaluation boards (such as the LM3S811 Eval board) as a debug probe (which is described in the user manual). You can then use the LM Flash utility to program your target board, using the Evaluation board as a debug probe.

Alternatively, if you simply want to program the flash of your MCU outside of the Red Suite IDE, then you could simply use the programmer provided as part of Red Suite, along with your Red Probe+. For more details, please see the FAQ Using the command line flash programming tool.

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