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Important Information for users of NXP LPCXpresso

This site is for users of Code Red branded products.

NXP LPCXpresso users should visit the LPCXpresso FAQ's for up-to-date information relevant to that product.

Automated builds from the command line

Starting with Red Suite 3, you can run an automated build from the command line with Red Suite using the following instructions. Note that Red Suite 3 or greater is required - it will not work with Red Suite 2.

  1. Open a command prompt window
  2. Set up the paths so the compiler etc can be found by the tools. The following directories will need to be added to the path
    1. <install>/lpcxpresso/bin or <install>/redsuite/bin

    2. <install>/lpcxpresso/tools/bin or <install>/redsuite/tools/bin

    3. On Windows only, the following will also need to be added
      1. <install>/lpcxpresso/msys/bin or <install>/redsuite/msys/bin

  3. Use the <product> application with the following options (On Windows only, a 'c' must be added to the end of the excutable name, which indicates this is the command line version of the tool). Note 1: options are case sensitive. Note 2: replace <product> with your product name.

<product>c -nosplash 
        -application org.eclipse.cdt.managedbuilder.core.headlessbuild 
        -import {[uri:/]/path/to/project} 
        -build {project_name[/build_config] | all} 
        -cleanBuild {project_name[/build_config] | all}
        -data /path/to/workspace


To clean and build all the projects in the workspace c:\workspace\product, run the following command

RedSuite3c -nosplash -application org.eclipse.cdt.managedbuilder.core.headlessbuild -cleanBuild all -build all -data c:\workspace\product

Note: This will build every build configuration (e.g. Debug and Release).

To clean and build the Release configuration of my_project (using Red Suite 4 or greater):

redsuitec -nosplash -application org.eclipse.cdt.managedbuilder.core.headlessbuild -cleanBuild my_project/Release -build my_project/Release -data c:\workspace\product

Additional options in v4 or greater

Options in v5

 * Import projects :                       -import     {[uri:/]/path/to/project}
 * Import all projects in the tree :       -importAll  {[uri:/]/path/to/projectTreeURI} 
 * Build projects / the workspace :        -build      {project_name_reg_ex/config_name_reg_ex | all} 
 * Clean build projects / the workspace :  -cleanBuild {project_name_reg_ex/config_name_reg_ex | all} 
 * Add Include path to build :             -I          {include_path} 
 * Add Include file to build :             -include    {include_file} 
 * Add preprocessor define to build :      -D          {prepoc_define} 
 * Replace environment variable in build : -E          {var=value}
 * Append environment variable to build :  -Ea         {var=value} 
 * Prepend environment variable to build : -Ep         {var=value} 
 * Remove environment variable in build :  -Er         {var} 
 * Replace a tool option value:            -T          {toolid} {optionid=value} 
 * Append to a tool option value:          -Ta         {toolid} {optionid=value} 
 * Prepend to a tool option value:         -Tp         {toolid} {optionid=value} 
 * Remove a tool option:                   -Tr         {toolid} {optionid=value} 

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