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Important Information for users of NXP LPCXpresso

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Flash driver not found after updating to v5.2.2 or later

In Code Red IDE v5.2.2, the flash programming mechanism for NXP LPC11/12/13/17 parts was standardized, such that the same mechanism is now used with all debug probes.

Unfortunately this can occasionally cause problems with some projects for these parts created using earlier versions of the Code Red IDE where the memory configuration editor has been used to change the memory setup for the part. For such projects you may encounter the error message:

15: Target error from Commit Flash write: Ef(40). Flash driver file not found.

To resolve this issue, please follow the below instructions for the version of the IDE in use...

Code Red IDE v5.2.4 or later

Right click on the problem project in the Project Properties view to display the context sensitive menu and select

Tools -> Refresh MCU Cache

This will reload the MCU specification from Code RED IDE's built in specification, including pulling in the missing flash driver specification.

A Refresh MCU Cache option also exists on the MCU Settings page of the Project Properties dialog, which will have the same affect.

Note that the above option on the Tools menu exists in v5.2.2, but does not carry out the required operations.

Code Red IDE v5.2.2

In such cases you need to manually associate the flash driver with the project. The simplest way to do this is as follows...

  1. Create a new "Simple C project" for your target MCU using the "New Project..." option on the Quickstart Panel
  2. Build the project and launch a debug session for it via the Quickstart Panel.
  3. Once the debug session has connected to the target, switch to the Debug Log.

  4. Within the debug log, there will be a line specifying the filename of the flash driver being used, such as:
    • Loaded LPC11_12_13_32K_8K.cfx: .... 

  5. Copy the cfx filename (e.g. LPC11_12_13_32K_8K.cfx) from the debug log and paste it into the flash driver field within the memory configuration editor of the project where you see the flash driver not found error.

  6. You should now be able to successfully launch a debug session.

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