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= Importing example projects =

== To import a Project Archive into the workspace ==
 * From the main menu, select '''File->Import...'''
 * Choose '''General->Existing Projects into Workspace'''
 * Choose '''Select archive file''' and '''Browse ''' to the location of the examples archive you wish to import
 * A list of all projects, found in that archive, is displayed
 * Select the projects you wish to import (by default all projects are selected) and press '''Finish'''
 * The projects will now by imported

== Importing the Examples for Luminary Micro Evaluation Boards ==
Each of the example projects for Luminary Micro Evaluation Boards are packaged into a project archive for that evaluation board. These include:
 * EKT-LM3S811 (ek-lm3s811.zip)
 * EKT-LM3S1968 (ek-lm3s1968.zip)
 * EKT-LM3S2965 (ek-lm3s2965.zip)
 * EKT-LM3S3748 (ek-lm3s3748.zip)
 * EKT-LM3S6965 (ek-lm3s6965.zip)
 * EKT-LM3S8962 (ek-lm3s8962.zip)

Prior to version 1.5.2, the archives are installed into '''My Documents\red_suite\Examples''' (Windows XP) or '''Documents\red_suite\Examples''' (Windows Vista). Starting with v1.5.2, the archives are installed into the root of the Red Suite installation directory (by default '''C:\code_red\red_suite_lmi\Examples''').

Use the instructions above for importing examples into a workspace.

== Importing the Examples for Luminary Micro Reference Design Kits (RDK) ==
Project archives for the reference design kits can be found [:ExampleProjects:here]. Download the archive and then follow the instructions above to import them into a workspace.
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