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Important Information for users of NXP LPCXpresso

This site is for users of Code Red branded products.

NXP LPCXpresso users should visit the LPCXpresso FAQ's for up-to-date information relevant to that product.

Debugging a running system

NOTE - This FAQ applies to Code Red IDE v5.2.2 and later

It is possible to debug a running system, without loading an application. To do this, you will need a project with a valid application (.axf file), although it will not be downloaded. If the image that the target is running matches the image in the project, then debug symbols will be available.

You then need to modify the launch configuration for the project such that the Attach Only option is set to "True".

For details of how to create/edit launch configurations, please see the FAQ:

Earlier versions of Code Red IDE

Versions of the Code Red IDE prior to v5.2.2 offered limited ability to connect to a running target using the "Load image" option in the launch configuration. However this did not work correctly in all circumstances (a reset would get triggered, and interrupts would not be enabled). Although this option is still available in the v5.2.2 launch configuration dialog, it is marked as "deprecated" and may be removed in a future release.

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