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Important Information for users of NXP LPCXpresso

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No emulator or board available

When starting a debug session, you may get an error stating that there is "No emulator or board available".


This is caused because we cannot detect the board connected to your USB. This could be due to the following reasons:

If the drivers are correctly installed, you will not be asked to install the drivers. However, if they were not correctly installed, you will be prompted by Windows to install them.

(crt_emu_cm) Failed on connect: Em(01). Cannot find selected MEM-AP

The full error reported will be something like this:

One thing that can happen is that certain code configurations can make it difficult (or impossible) for the debugger to communicate over JTAG or SWD. Things like programming JTAG/SWD signals to GPIO, or the setting the system clock to an invalid or out-of-spec value. Since the debugger takes some time to connect and a little bit of code always gets run when connecting, it becomes a race to connect before the bad code gets executed.

This situation can be cleared with a 'mass erase'. You can perform a mass erase using the LM Flash Programmer and a special sequence defined in the user’s manual.

You can download LM Flash Programmer from here: http://www.luminarymicro.com/products/software_updates.html

Install the application and follow the instruction below:

Also, make sure that when you are opening a debug session, you do not have another application open to the Virtual COM port on the eval board at the same time. This can also cause your problem.

target error from commit flash write

This error is reported when the debugger is attempting to write to the flash, and the verify fails.

The most common cause for this error is insufficient power being supplied to the target while programming the flash. Flash programming increases the power consumption of the chip dramatically, and if your supply is not up to it, the flash programming will fail.

A common cause of insufficient power is PC USB ports, which are not supplying the USB spec of 500mA. Try another USB port on the PC, or use an external power supply to provide the power instead.

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