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Debug Emulator Selection Dialog


As of Code Red IDE v5.0.12, in order to improve debug startup time, the debug configuration now prompts to select a debug emulator (probe) and stores it. Future debug sessions using that configuration will use the stored probe selection.

Emulator Selection

The first time you debug a project, the Debug Emulator Selection Dialog will be displayed, showing all supported probes that are attached to your PC. In this example, a Red Probe+ and an LPC-Link have been found:


You now need to select the probe that you wish to debug through. In this example, the LPC-Link has been selected:


For any future debug sessions, the stored probe selection will be automatically used, unless the probe cannot be found. In this example, the previously selected LPC-Link is no longer connected:


This might have been because you had forgotten to connect the probe, in which case connect it to your PC, and select Search for LPC-Link (HID) again. Alternatively, it might be because you now wish to use a different probe to debug this project with. In this case select Search for any enabled emulator.

The tools will then go off and search for appropriate emulators. In this example, a Red Probe+ has now been detected:



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