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Important Information for users of NXP LPCXpresso

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Debugger disconnect behavior

When the debugger disconnects from the target, you can change the behavior of the target processor. See attached screenshots to follow the instructions

  1. Select the project in Project Explorer
  2. In the Quickstart panel, open the Debug and Run section, and click on Edit 'project_name' debug configuration

Steps 1 and 2

  1. In the Debug Configuration dialog, left-hand section, click on 'project_name'(Debug)
  2. In the right-hand section, select the Debugger tab
  3. Under 'Script Values' scroll the table until the Disconnect behavior option is visible and change its value to one of the values shown in the drop-down list (see list below for description).
  4. Click Apply to save the value and Debug to start debugging with the new value

Steps 4,5 and 6

Four options are supported:

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