How do the "Corporate" and "Standard" versions of Red Suite compare?

Note: All Red Suite licenses are Node Locked. However, a license can be moved between computers twice in any 30 day period. See MovingLicenses for more information.

Red Suite (full edition, not NXP edition) is now available from our webstore in two different forms - "Standard" and "Corporate" licenses.

The basic difference between purchasing, say, a "Corporate 5 seat license" and purchasing 5 standard seats of Red Suite is that with the Corporate license only a single activation code is provided (regardless of how many seats are purchased). This code is then managed centrally via the License Control Panel. However each seat is still locked to an individual computer. Additional seats can be added to the license by purchasing additional licenses directly from Code Red, and these can be added to your License Control Panel.

With "standard" seats, a separate activation code is provided for each license seat - which will hence normally be managed by the individual users.

For more information on the various Red Suite editions, please see the FAQ License Types and Restrictions.

Corporate licenses

Red Suite Full Edition supports a Corporate license, where a single activation code can be used to activate multiple copies of the product, depending on how many seats have been purchased. This form of license is primarily aimed at large corporations where central control of software product licenses is mandatory.However, this type of license can also be used where you wish to use Red Suite on both a Desktop and a Laptop, using the same activation code.

When activating a Corporate license, you will be provided with access to the License Control Panel (LCP). The LCP gives you an ability to manage the “seats” of your Corporate Activation Codes. Via the LCP, the “administrator” for a code will be able to:

The “administrator” will have an LCP account (with userid and password). The user who activates the 1st seat on a Corporate Activation Code will receive an email with all the instructions required to open an LCP account, access the LCP account and add this Activation Code to the LCP account.

Standard license

With a Standard license, each purchased license, has its own activation code. The activation code is associated with an email address (provided by the user when activating the license from within Red Suite).

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