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How can I change the email address associated with an activation code?

Standard License

When Red Suite is first activated, the email address provided by the person who activated the product is associated in the licensing system with that activation code.

In some circumstances you may wish to change the email address associated with the activation code, for example if the original person leaves the company. Note that we will only change the email address if the new address is in the same company's email domain (i.e old.user@mycompany.com to new.recruit@mycompany.com), unless we receive the request from the person who originally purchased the product.

If there is current support entitlement associated with the activation code, then you can request such a change to made. To do this, please contact our support team, providing:

Corporate Licenses

With a Corporate License, if you log in to the License Control Panel (details included in the email sent by the system when you activated the first seat), then you can use the Edit account info option to modify username, password etc.

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