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Errors relating to cr_section_macros.h and NXP/crp.h

Version 3.6 (3.8 on Linux) introduced two new system include files called cr_section_macros.h and NXP/crp.h:

These files are included by the project wizard in the automatically created main.c file. However if such a project is build with an earlier version of the tools, then this will cause build errors of the form....

../src/main.c:15:31: warning: cr_section_macros.h: No such file or directory
../src/main.c:16:21: warning: NXP/crp.h: No such file or directory

If the code actually makes any use of functionality provided by these include files, then you are likely to see further errors/warnings, for example:

../src/main.c:21: error: expected '=', ',', ';', 'asm' or '__attribute__' before 'const'

The recommended solution is to upgrade your tools installation.

More information on these include files and their usage can be found in the FAQ "Enhanced Managed Linker Scripts".

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