The Build Console

The Build Console (sometimes referred to as the "build log") is used to display the output generated by building a project, including commands executed and error messages. Note that there is a separate build console for each project, thus ensure that you have selected the appropriate project in the Project Explorer view when you wish to view the corresponding build console.

To view the Build Console:




Providing the Build Console for Support purposes

Occasionally, Code Red Support may ask you to send the details of the Build Console to them. To do this:

If there is a large amount of text in the build console, it is advisable to paste it into a text file, which can be ZIPed if appropriate.

Increasing the number of lines in the build console

By default, the number of lines stored in the Build Console is limited to 500 line. You can increase this to any reasonable number by:

You may also wish to untick the option to "Always clear console before building".

Note that this setting, like most within the Code Red IDE / Eclipse is saved as part of your workspace. Thus you will need to make this change each time you create a new workspace.

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